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Chinese startup ready to sell Coronavirus detection glasses

Thermal scanners or body temperature scanners are not new, in the past, this technology has been used in public places like airports to detect whether a person has a fever or not.

Now, technology is applied to devices that can be worn like glasses. One of its claimed uses is to detect potentially positive corona people.

Credits: Rokid

Reported by detikINET from Ubergizmo, eyewear with the technology is made by a startup company called Rokid from China which will then be tried for sale to the United States.

This company is reported to have sent its products to several companies based in the United States.

These glasses, known as T1, have the ability to scan infrared that can detect body temperatures of up to 200 people at once from distances of up to 3 meters.

This means that health workers can scan quickly to see who has a fever which is one of the symptoms of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Chinese startup ready to sell Coronavirus detection glasses
Credits: Rokid
These glasses are powered by Qualcomm's chipset and are equipped with a 12MP camera, augmented reality support and also the company offers IoT solutions and software to facilitate face recognition.

Because this device can be worn, it means it can be easily used and moved from one location to another, so that it can cover a wider space at once.

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