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World Kidney Day, These 7 Healthy Kidney Friendly Lifestyle

World Kidney Day, These 7 Healthy Kidney-Friendly Lifestyle - Chronic kidney failure is still one of the biggest causes of death in Indonesia. Data on Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) shows that in 2018 around 739,208 or 0.38% of the population over 15 years was diagnosed with the disease.

To commemorate World Kidney Day, which falls on Thursday (12/3/2020), the Ministry of Health invites people to start implementing a healthy lifestyle as a preventative measure.

World Kidney Day, These 7 Healthy Kidney Friendly Lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle avoids kidney failure. (Photo: illustration / thinkstock)
The following healthy lifestyle suggested by Cut Putri Arianie, MHKes, Director of Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (P2PTM) Ministry of Health:

1. Regular physical activity
Besides being able to prevent kidney disease, regular activities have benefits, including maintaining weight, increasing endurance, and the immune system, as well as controlling stress.

2. Reduce consumption of salt and fat
Eat healthy foods by avoiding excessive salt and fat intake. Also, avoid the habit of consuming fast food continuously.

3. Control blood pressure and sugar
Controlled blood sugar will reduce the risk of neuropathy nerve death. Besides being able to prevent kidney disease, this also avoids the risk of developing diabetes.

4. Weight monitor
Maintaining food intake is an essential factor to monitor your body weight. Also, avoid too much fatty food to prevent obesity.

5. Drink lots of white water
For adults drinking water is recommended as much as 2 liters or 8 glasses per day to avoid dehydration in the body. Lack of water can affect physical and mental performance and can cause headaches and muscle spasms.

6. Take medication as prescribed
Inappropriate drug consumption can worsen the disease, even the risk of causing a new infection.

7. Don't smoke
Quitting smoking can cause many benefits to the body and reduce the risk of various health problems.

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